Approved Training Programs/Courses

Clinical renal physiologists must complete the following dialysis and associated clinical training:

  • Completion of training course approved by NZASRDP and internship
  • NZASRDP approved dialysis certification exam
  • Undertake local DHB/health service mandatory training and certification program and review clinical skills as required
  • Maintain Annual Practicing Certification with CPRB (NZ only)


Current NZASRDP approved qualifications:

James Cook University - Graduate Diploma of Medical Science (Clinical Sciences)

Swinburne University - Professional degree with 12 month renal placement

Auckland University of Technology - Graduate Diploma of Health Science


If you are returning to practice after a career break, please find details on how to apply here


If you are currently residing outside of New Zealand or Australia and would like to apply for NZASRDP membership, please find details  here.

Please note, membership applications will not be assessed unless fully completed with all relevant documentation uploaded.



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